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We are a business consultancy engaged in sustainable property and business development in the islands of the Azores. The company is based in Ponta Delgada, São Miguel, the islands’ capital, and in Stonington, Connecticut, a New England fishing port with strong historic links to the Azores.

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These nine unique islands lie along the most direct route between North America and Europe.


The largest, São Miguel, is home to the region’s capital and primary port, Ponta Delgada. There are direct flights from Boston, New York and several European cities. Flying time from Boston is 4:30h and from Lisbon 2:30h.

The Azores

The world’s first sustainable archipelago



Whale watching  Fishing      




Breathtakingly beautiful, São Miguel is known for its dramatic landscapes, fishing villages, thermal springs, Technicolor lagoons, unique flora and fauna, and rich marine life. It is a nature lover’s paradise, with endless opportunities for adventure, uncomplicated but delicious gastronomy and a growing eco-tourism sector offering attractive business opportunities.


The island’s subtropical climate and volcanic soil create a terrain of extraordinary

fertility, which supports a rich agricultural heritage. Seemingly everything grows in this island, from tea to pineapples, oranges and lemons. The green pastures support a thriving dairy industry, which produces some of the best cheeses in Portugal.

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Ponta Delgada is the hub of the island. The narrow cobblestone streets, elegant houses and picturesque old churches in the historic center have a great deal of charm, but the city also has a reliable, well established European infrastructure and services, such as healthcare, schools and transportation.

A new state of-the-art hospital was recently opened in the adjacent community of Lagoa, just 15 minutes from the city center and the island benefits from Portugal’s well respected public health system.


The city offers a wide variety of restaurants and bars, a daily farmers market and cultural activities, adding to the city’s appeal and the island’s quality of life.

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To be leading innovators in sustainable property development in the Azores.

To support regional development goals by investing in local resources and creative talent.

To be passionate advocates for the Azores as a place for responsible investment in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

To promote the Azores as a transatlantic center for the study and application of sustainable development.

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John Duerden

Born in the UK, John is a seasoned business executive with a long career in senior executive positions on both sides of the Atlantic. He has served as president and COO of Reebok International, chairman and CEO of Dictaphone, chairman and CEO of Crocs footwear.


John is a specialist in startups and company turnarounds, and in addition to his executive roles, he has served as an outside director on the boards of several private and public companies, including Sunglass Hut International, Telewest Communications, Obagi Pharmaceuticals and the sports equipment startup Xenith.


In addition, he is president and majority shareholder in HBI International, a leading US designer and manufacture of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs).

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Kris Whelan

Kris is an experienced business executive and entrepreneur with a successful track record in commercial real estate development and appraisal.


She served as vice president of investment sales for Pizzuti/Lambert Smith Hampton Int’l. She also worked as a consultant for the US government evaluating large REO multifamily portfolios during the savings and loan crisis. In addition, Kris founded and launched four startups.


Three of her companies focused on sustainability, organics and  environmentally friendly practices. The fourth became one of the most successful enthusiast Internet portals at the time and was sold to a major $3.5B publishing house.   


Kris holds an MA in real estate and finance from the Warrington School of Business at University of Florida and has completed extensive post-graduate studies in international economics at University of Central Florida, where she  taught real estate finance. Kris is a certified integrative therapist in eastern modalities by the prestigious Urban Zen Foundation.

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Carl Trop

Carl has worked more than 30 years in US commercial property development, asset management, and debt and equity fund raising, as well as direct investment and advisory services, across multiple real estate markets.


He has acquired office buildings, apartment complexes and development sites. He brings extensive experience in project development, planning, government interface, design, layout, entitlement, leasing and debt and equity origination and execution. 


Carl is a graduate of the Wharton School of Business and Columbia University, where he received his MBA. He has served as president and is on the board of directors of the Wharton Business School.

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Gonçalo Belietere

Gonçalo is a principal in the Ponta Delgada-based architectural firm So Arquitetura & Design. He studied architecture in the Azores, Lisbon and in Nantes, France, where he completed his master’s degree and practiced for several years before returning to Ponta  Delgada and founding,  with local partners,  the So architecture practice.

Bruno Cabral So Arquitetura & Design.

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Our Product


Our product is responsible development and marketing of high quality sustainable real estate in the Azores. (This may eventually be extended to cover other non-real estate products that use the natural resources of the Azores).


Our Customers


Our customers are international and Portuguese mainland buyers and investors who are seeking to purchase property in the Azores as a permanent or part-time residence or as an investment in the islands’ growing (but still nascent) eco-tourism industry. 


Buyers are likely in the 50+ age group, who are seeking offshore property in a safe, easily accessible location of outstanding and largely unspoiled natural beauty, with a year-round temperate climate and well-developed infrastructure. They will be seeking property that has been sensitively developed to blend with the local environment and that meets high standards of sustainable construction.


Our Competitive Advantage


We benefit from an intimate knowledge of the Azores property market; an established network of designers, engineers and contractors who understand sustainable development and use of the islands’ natural resources; knowledge of the local development and planning establishment and rules and regulations; and a singular passion and commitment to the future responsible development of the Azores.

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Authentic: The real deal

Responsible: Principles and profit

Imaginative: No boundaries, everything is possible

Passionate: Commitment to a cause

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IVY 55

Four luxury apartments in the historic center of Ponta Delgada

Atalhada Spa

An oceanfront luxury boutique hotel and spa in Lagoa/Rosario


Antila Spa

An eight room boutique hotel and spa with its own natural thermal spring in Furnas



Two state of the art, ocean view executive apartments in Lagoa/Rosario

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Contact Us

Fill in the form and our sales team will contact you shortly with news about our developments.

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Azores Endeavors

AzulVerde Lda.

+1 (401) 741 4161


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